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How to Use a Bong and Why Glass Bongs are the Best Type of Bong

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Bongs are also known as water pipe, bong, billy or moof. Bongs have a wide mouthpiece and a water-filled chamber underneath. The bongs are used by different types of weed and tobacco smokers. Bongs are much preferred tools for smoking because of the pure and cooler taste of smoke it produces. However, bongs with percolators are better. You can find bongs here.

Why percolator bongs are the best type of bong?

Percolators split the smoke in several ways. This makes the smoke smoother by running it over more surface area. Percolators further filter the smoke that has already been filtered by the water inside the chamber.

How to use a bong?

A percolator bong is used in much the same way as using the other types of bong. The only difference is that it has a percolator inside that aids the filtration process.

The bowl which is detachable from the stem found in the water-filled chamber, is where the weed or the tobacco is placed and burned. As the weed or the tobacco fires up, the smoke goes to the water and is filtered. After that, the smoke goes through the percolator where it is further filtered and cooled. After the filtration process, the smoke goes up to the pipe where it is inhaled through the wide mouthpiece found on top.

Bongs in all colours available

Styles of Bongs

Glass seems to be very popular with bong-users who smoke. It gives a fresher and smoother smoke, with a clean taste of the substance that you are using. Easily shaped, glass lends itself to forming bongs of a great variety of style and color. Smokers feel that when you smoke with a glass bong, you smoke in style. Glass bongs may be a bit more expensive than the other types, though.

A ceramic bong is made with clay. You mold the wet clay into a bong and allow it to harden by heat. Ceramic is easy to shape; you can find many ceramic bongs with intricate designs. The primary objection against ceramic bongs is that, compared with one made of glass or acrylic, this particular type offers much less room in its chamber for smoke build-up.

Types of Bongs

An acrylic bong is less expensive. Made from tough and durable plastic, an acrylic bong is cheap, convenient, and long-lasting. It is the perfect option for people who are using bongs for the first time, as well as for those who hesitate to spend a pretty penny on bongs.

There is a wide range of bongs now available on the market. You can get one made of acrylic, ceramic, or glass depending on your budget and taste of your smoking mixture.